04/30/2012 01:25 EDT | Updated 06/30/2012 05:12 EDT

Reduce temperature when baking with honey to avoid over-browning, flavour change

Here is some more information about honey:

— Liquid honey is extracted from the comb and strained for clarity. If it granulates, reliquefy by placing the container in warm water until all crystals are gone.

— Creamed or whipped honey is produced by crystallizing liquid honey under controlled conditions.

— Comb honey comes in the original beeswax combs. The comb and honey can be chewed together and the comb can be swallowed.

— Pasteurized honey has been heat-treated to destroy yeasts which can cause honey to ferment. It tends not to crystallize.

— Store tightly covered honey at room temperature in a dry place. If storage area is very warm (above 26 C/80 F), creamed honey will retain its texture better if refrigerated. Honey can be frozen, if well sealed, without any change in flavour or texture.

— When baking with honey, add it to batter in a fine stream, beating constantly. Baked goods containing honey brown more quickly so reduce temperature by about 15 C (25 F) to prevent over-browning and flavour change.

— Honey will slide out of measuring cups or spoons if oil is measured first or if the measures are rinsed with hot water.

— Honey can be used in canning and preserving and in most jams and jellies. For detailed instructions, go to It can also be used to make wine called mead.

Source: Ontario Beekeepers' Association.