05/01/2012 01:30 EDT | Updated 02/28/2013 12:57 EST

Cleaning Your Home: 20 Things You're Probably Forgetting To Clean, But Need To (PHOTOS)


Your nest may not be the cleanest place. Germs grow -- and grow quickly -- and forgetting to clean under and over hard to reach places can actually make you sick.

More shocking, though: some studies have found the things we use the most -- doorknobs, light switches and even our favourite handbags -- are probably the reason we get sick, according to ABC News.

Now, we don't recommend you take that mop and duster and clean/tackle every single spot on this list. But cleaning these "forgotten" places should be done in moderation at least every other week.

Scared of mould and mildew taking over your home? Here are 20 things you shouldn't forget to clean.

20 Things You're Probably Forgetting To Clean