05/01/2012 06:59 EDT | Updated 05/02/2012 05:18 EDT

How To Stop Swearing (WATCH)

Most everyone can agree there's a time and a place for swearing -- when you've hit yourself with a hammer, say, or when you're particularly angry or excited. In short, swearing should be a special occasion language, but for many of us, it's become more and more of a default reaction.

The rebellious element of swearing has always been part of its charm, and studies have even shown it can help relieve pain. But curse words can also be offputting, unprofessional and offensive, and may even keep people from giving you emotional support. If people in your office have started putting on headphones as soon as you walk in the room, it could be time to tone down the cussing.

The video above maps out a few easy steps to keep yourself from swearing, and we think it covers most of the bases, particularly when it addresses the laziness aspect of the practice. But because they don't go into enough details, we thought it'd be handy to lay out some other options for when you get the inevitable impulse to swear.

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20 Great Alternatives To Swear Words

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