05/02/2012 11:20 EDT | Updated 07/02/2012 05:12 EDT

Communication breakdown:university didn't know suspicious package was lesson

REGINA - A police call about a suspicious package at First Nations University in Regina turned out to be part of a GPS training exercise for students.

On Wednesday afternoon, a staff member at the university saw an unfamiliar package on the lawn in front of the building and police were called.

Shortly after, about half dozen police cars lined University Drive in front of the university, and then the explosives disposal unit was called in.

The explosives robot was unloaded and was about to start its work when two students walked up to the police.

It turns out the students were participating in a GPS training exercise, and the package was a part of that.

However, no one had informed officials at the university about the training exercise, which led to police being called.

"When something concerns us about the safety of our staff and our students and our employees, we take precautions to ensure that everyone's safe, so in this particular case we notified the police service," said Juliano Tupone, the university's vice-president of finance and administration.

"The package turned out to be nothing, it was just the prize they were trying to target," said Regina police Corp. Kelly Gorman.