05/03/2012 02:06 EDT | Updated 07/03/2012 05:12 EDT

Dalton McGuinty And Robert Ghiz Soon To Be Premiers-In-Law When Son And Sister Wed

TORONTO - The premiers of Ontario and Prince Edward Island will soon share more than a title.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's son is getting hitched to P.E.I. Premier Robert Ghiz's sister.

Dalton McGuinty Jr. recently announced his engagement to Joanne Ghiz, who served as press secretary to Ontario's Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry Michael Gravelle.

The two Liberal premiers met at the Ontario legislature for an official visit Thursday, but ended up chatting about the upcoming nuptials, including some good-natured ribbing about who would pick up the tab.

"I understand Robert has even brought a dowry here today," McGuinty joked before Ghiz handed over a basket of P.E.I. potatoes.

"Well, you'll be able to pay for the wedding now," Ghiz said.

McGuinty said his son, who's called Jamie, texted Ghiz's mother to let her know that he planned to propose to her daughter — only Joanne intercepted it.

"Joanne happily and unfortunately found out about the proposal before Jamie could put it to her," he said. "And it all worked out well in the end."

Ghiz had a story of his own about the proposal. He said he was in a meeting in his office when he was told that Dalton McGuinty was on the phone and wanted to talk to him.

"So of course I pick up the phone, and it was the other Dalton McGuinty looking for some information," Ghiz said. "Easy way to get through, I guess."

McGuinty claimed some credit for the pairing, saying he convinced Joanne to work at Queen's Park when he met her in Charlottetown. She got a job working in the Ontario government and quickly rose through the ranks, he said.

"And then Jamie started dating somebody for a number of months — he never told me who he was dating," McGuinty said. "So I unwittingly laid the track for this political alliance."

Ghiz joked: "This is a McGuinty conspiracy to marry an Islander."

"We are looking for a lovely vacation spot for 13 million Ontarians," McGuinty said. "I think we've found it."

McGuinty, whose only daughter Carlene is also engaged, has said more than once that he'd like to have some grandchildren soon — but no pressure.

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