05/04/2012 02:00 EDT | Updated 07/04/2012 05:12 EDT

Bigamist tells court he's not 'a useless piece of trash'

A western Newfoundland man who has admitted he was married to two women at the same time ought to serve a jail sentence, the Crown says.

David Jones, 51, who pleaded guilty this winter to a charge of bigamy, should be given a sentence of two to three months in jail, Crown prosecutor Mike Fox told provincial court in Corner Brook Friday.

Jones married a woman from the Codroy Valley in 2009, 13 years after he married another woman in Manitoba.

Fox told the court that Jones has a lengthy criminal record, including convictions of fraud, uttering threats and assault.

Defence lawyer Sandi McKinnon suggested a sentence of two to three months' probation.

Jones addressed the court during Friday's hearing. He attacked the media, particularly CBC News, which he said portrayed him as a psychotic bigamist. He said because of past media coverage, society now sees him as a useless piece of trash.

Jones said he was wrongly diagnosed with a mental illness and that he has attempted suicide five times.

Jones said he loved his second wife and did a lot to help her and her family, and that he knows what he did was wrong and that he is sorry.

A sentence is expected to be handed down on Tuesday.