05/08/2012 10:41 EDT | Updated 07/08/2012 05:12 EDT

Winnipeg Man Told To Wrap Up 24 Years Of Home Renos

A Winnipeg man has been ordered by the city to wrap up renovations he has been making to his River Heights house for the past 24 years.

A city committee gave Daniel Old three weeks on Tuesday to finish renovating his Ash Street property.

Old had appeared before the committee to fight another city order to remove a shed and scaffolding from his home.

According to officials, Old had obtained building permits to build the home on 174 Ash Street in 1988, but the project was never completed.

In March, Old was ordered to fix numerous problems on his property, including exterior finishes that do not comply with code, and a number of rickety-looking structures that appeared to be added on.

Old's lawyer told the city committee that his client intends to comply with the order, but the issue is the amount of time given.

Homeowners on Ash Street told CBC News that the city should not have allowed Old to continue renovating his house for 24 years.

Old's property is a safety hazard, according to some neighbours. At least one resident said construction materials have fallen off Old's building onto nearby properties.