05/08/2012 11:30 EDT

How To Strengthen A Relationship: Have Monthly Rituals


Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life as a couple. So why celebrate such a special and momentous day only once a year?

Dr. Paul Sago, a marriage counselor and author of Planning Your Marriage: A Workbook Guide for Engaged and Married Couples, and his wife, Donna, celebrate their wedding anniversary every month--and have been for 21 happy years of marriage!

Celebrating your anniversary monthly "keeps you aware of that occurrence and how it happened and why," says Dr. Sago. "It gives you an opportunity to talk about just yourselves, rather than your finances or the in-laws."

Talk about how you felt that day and relive your favorite memories. There are so many romantic and memorable moments from your wedding day and talking about them on a monthly basis helps keep those memories fresh.

Whether you make dinner together or dine at your favorite restaurant, celebrating your anniversary every month acts as a frequent reminder and renewal of your love and commitment to each other and it allows you to spend an evening focused on each other.

What a sweet idea!

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