05/08/2012 07:12 EDT | Updated 07/08/2012 05:12 EDT

Saskatchewan NDP raises job loss concerns in Glencore takeover bid

REGINA - Saskatchewan NDP is raising concerns about job losses with Glencore International's multibillion dollar takeover bid of Viterra.

Opposition Leader John Nilson said Tuesday that an official with Swiss-based Glencore said in an interview yesterday that there will be relocations of jobs.

Nilson asked how many head office jobs will be lost in Regina and how many jobs will be lost across the Saskatchewan.

Agriculture Minister Bob Bjornerud says no one knows the exact impact the deal will have on short-term jobs.

The Saskatchewan Party government has commissioned an independent report on the takeover and that report should be released within a week.

Under the deal, Calgary-based Agrium Inc. (TSX:AGU) and Richardson International, based in Winnipeg, would buy the majority of Viterra's (TSX:VT) Canadian assets.

"I know Richardson and Agrium will have an effect on those jobs being they are located outside the province but we don't know that exact number right now," Bjornerud said Tuesday.

Viterra shareholders vote on the deal May 29th. The deal must also be approved by the federal government.