05/10/2012 11:05 EDT

Save Or Splurge Beauty: Products That Are Worth Spending Money On (PHOTOS)


We've all heard of cheap thrills when buying beauty products, because, let's face it, makeup can get pricey.

In order to figure out which products are actually worth those extra bucks, we talked to professional makeup artist Allana Mirza in Toronto. For Mirza, taking care of your skin is where you should spend the most bucks..

"When it comes to skin care or foundation, the quality matters," she says. She also says if you're worried about not using or disliking an expensive product over time, start by testing a cheaper product.

"Read a product's review online first and feel free to experiment with colours. If you've never tried green before, buy [a cheaper eyeshadow] and, later, move on to a high-end brand that's more pigmented," she says.

Here are 10 beauty items to save and splurge on.

10 Items To Save And Splurge On