05/08/2012 11:10 EDT | Updated 07/08/2012 05:12 EDT

Mexican Police Arrest 5 In Death Of UBC Student


Mexican police have arrested five people for the murder of a UBC graduate student in Huatulco last year, as part of an investigation into a string of murders linked to the area's ongoing drug war.

At a news conference, Oaxaca state Attorney General Manuel de Jesus Lopez said five suspects, three of which are women, have been charged with murder, theft and organized crime and police are still searching for three more suspects in the case.

Ximena Osegueda and her Mexican boyfriend, Alejandro Alvarado, disappeared two weeks before Christmas.

Osegueda's ex-husband, Jacy Wright, travelled from Vancouver soon after and discovered their bodies on a deserted beach, after using the GPS in Osegueda's car to narrow his search.

Wright has said he believes the beach is used by local drug gangs to dispose of bodies, but he does not believe his ex-wife or partner were involved in the drug trade.

He believes they were targeted because of Osegueda's new car.

"It was a new vehicle. They probably wanted to take the vehicle. He had light enough skin that maybe he thought he had lots of money. It's disgusting is what it is."

Victims of drug war

According to statement released by Mexican authorities, the suspects were known to police for their involvement in the local drug trade.

After Osegueda's death, police found her stolen car. Inside the car was a bill from a local butcher shop. Police then checked the video surveillance tape from the butcher shop's security cameras and figured out who bought the meat.

That person and his partner also turned up dead. Police then went to a house, found another dead person, arrested several suspects and determined they were also suspects in the deaths of Osegueda and Alvarado.

Wright says he feels a measure of satisfaction with the arrests, but believes one of three people still at large is the man who used the knife to actually kill the couple.