05/09/2012 04:00 EDT | Updated 07/08/2012 05:12 EDT

former premier Ernie Eves gets shots in at Queen's Park portrait hanging

TORONTO - Former premier Ernie Eves fired off shots at all three political parties at the unveiling of his official portrait at the Ontario legislature.

Eves began by saying he knew Dalton McGuinty wasn't after his seat when the premier's office called recently about the portrait.

That was a reference to the Liberals' attempts to woo opposition members in hopes of getting the one seat they need for a majority.

Eves followed up by noting Mike Harris was now partners in a law firm with Bob Rae and David Peterson, and wondered if Harris was at the Queen's Park event on Tuesday looking for a new law partner.

He said it was a strange turn of events for Harris, who Eves claimed used to curse both lawyers and Liberals at every cabinet meeting.

Eves also said he and Harris paid their own way to Gerald Ford's annual golf tournaments, adding with a laugh that there were no Ornge helicopters involved.

The Liberals are on the defensive about a police investigation into irregularities at Ornge, Ontario's air ambulance system.

McGuinty noted that portraits of Harris, Rae and Peterson are right outside his office, saying "sooner or later, regardless of political stripe, they hang us all."