05/10/2012 05:16 EDT | Updated 07/10/2012 05:12 EDT

B.C. Leads Canada With Flu Vaccine Rates

A new "flu report card" says B.C. tops the country when it comes to influenza vaccination, but experts say the results still show more people should be getting the vaccine countrywide

The B.C. and Quebec Lung Associations put together the report, which rates provinces according to vaccination and self reported flu rates, based on a series of surveys by Ipsos-Ried.

B.C. got an A for its 52 per cent rate of vaccination — the highest in the country — and its 10 per cent flu rate.

But Quebec got an F for both the lowest rate of vaccination in the country at 27 per cent and the highest rate of flu at 25 per cent. Dominique Massie, Executive Director of the Quebec Lung Association said it should be a wake call from his province.

"Clearly Quebeckers are not ready for a severe flu season," said Massie in a statement released on Thursday.

Dr. Menn Bagtian of the B.C. Lung Association said even provinces with top ranking like B.C. can still do more.

"We are proud of our score. But still, half of our population was not vaccinated last season. This poses a serious threat to more vulnerable populations who can experience serious consequences from the flu. And next season will likely be a whole new game."

Overall, flu vaccination rates in Canada were very low with only 36 per cent of Canadian adults reporting that they were vaccinated, according to the study.