05/10/2012 04:32 EDT | Updated 05/10/2012 09:45 EDT

Best MPs On Twitter: Our List Of The Politicians To Follow In Canada


When politics and Twitter collide bad things often happen. Just ask Pat F-Bomb Martin.

But profanity isn't the only problem when it comes to politicians online. Canada's Parliament contains plenty of MPs who seem to have missed the news that we've entered the 21st century. That said, there are some rays of light.

Some in Ottawa have figured out exactly how to engage, entertain and inform their fellow users. Here's our look at the 14 MPs who are doing just that.

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1. Elizabeth May


She may be the leader of the smallest party in Parliament, but Elizabeth May punches way above her weight online. The Green Party leader has nearly 40,000 followers, roughly triple the count held by Thomas Mulcair. How did she become such a digital success? One word: engagement. May's stream shows consistent interaction with followers and journalists. The leaders of the larger parties could learn a thing or two from this plucky underdog.

2. Bob Rae


'Interim' Liberal Leader Bob Rae may not have captured his party's permanent top job yet, but he definitely hold the attention of his Twitter followers. All 26,000 of them. He gets in on photo meme action and isn't afraid to use colourful language. Compared to the accounts of fellow leaders Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper, an absolute gem.

3. Tony Clement


Alright, we know we already put Tony Clement on our worst MPs on Twitter list, but we do have a love hate relationship with the Tory minister. While his tweets have grown less interesting since Jackass-Gate, Clement is still miles ahead of most MPs when it comes to using social media. No wonder he's been tasked with leading the Conservatives' Open Government initiative to put more federal info online.

4. Jason Kenney


Jason Kenney's Twitter stream often resembles a travel journal. The Immigration Minister spends a lot of time travelling the country and it shows in his feed and photos. Something else we've learned from following Kenney? He loves purple ties.

5. Justin Trudeau


What can you say about Justin Trudeau? He's the rock star of Canadian politics and his Twitter stats show it. More than 130,000 followers and a verified check mark -- the surest sign of an online celeb. And while HuffPost got into a minor tiff with Trudeau over a tweet he sent out earlier this year about his BlackBerry, we're still big fans of the Liberal MP's stream. What other Canadian politician would have the guts to tweet a photo like this. (CP)

6. Peggy Nash


Unlike Thomas Mulcair, who has stopped tweeting since the end of the NDP leadership contest, Peggy Nash continues to post up a storm. Her appearance on this list also has a lot to do with her recent allusion to the cartoon "South Park."

7. Megan Leslie


NDP MP Megan Leslie has one of the most active accounts in Parliament. Our favourite tweet in recent months? "Finally found a parking spot in Whitehorse. No need to call Bev Oda's driver. http://yfrog.com/nwtxmtzj"

8. James Moore


Another Tory minister who bucks his party's Twitter trend is James Moore. His account shows all the usual signs of engagement, but to be perfectly honest it was the cute photos of his two dogs that secured his spot on the list.

9. Olivia Chow


With more than 17,000 followers, Olivia Chow doesn't need our help. But we love her tweets, especially the funny ones. This Rob Ford zinger stands out: "Dear journalists, the lilac tree in front of my #Toronto house is in bloom, come and take a photo by the fence, I won't call 911." (CP)

10. Carolyn Bennett


Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett has more than 7,000 tweets, a sure sign of a Twitter addict. She also has been known to tweets photos of her dinner, a sure sign she stays connected at all times.

11. Denis Coderre


With nearly 60,000 followers, Denis Coderre is one of the most popular Canadian MPs on Twitter. He responds to users, retweets news and generally keeps things lively and diverse. And although most of his tweets are in French, he's not afraid of an English post from time to time. (CP)

12. Peter Julian


NDP MP Peter Julian is active, interesting and engaged. Good number of photos as well.

13. Marc Garneau


Besides tweeting at a furious pace, former astronaut and current Liberal MP Marc Garneau can be seen regularly carrying on conversations with other users. Nothing warms our hearts more than to see one of our politicians engaging with Canadians.

14. Rona Ambrose


Tory ministers dominated our worst MPs on Twitter list, but Rona Ambrose is an exception to the rule. While she could stand to pick up a few more followers, Ambrose is on the right track, heavily peppering her feed with retweets. She also responds to journalists, a sure sign of a strong political account.