Mom Bloggers' Influence: For Mother's Day, Why Not Get Mom A Blog? (INFOGRAPHIC)

There are as many kinds of mothers in the world as there are kids -- and discovering this is as easy as typing "mom blogger" into Google. With more than 4 million mom blogs now in North America, the influence of these women who make a career of their daily schedule of parenting, cooking, cleaning, and working is massive.

But what many don't realize is the dollars that go along with these mom blogs -- as the infographic below notes, bloggers make $14,000 more on average than other moms.

"Another reason [I blog] is to make money," wrote mom blogger Jill on her site, A Mom With A Lesson Plan. "You can’t be shocked… sorry if you are, but it’s true. I want to be a stay at home mom. It is all I have ever wanted, and I see that blogging has the potential to make that happen. I’m not trying to get rich (although I won’t complain if that accidentally happens) I just want to be able to justify staying home once the kids are both in school."

Mom blogging has become a multi-billion dollar industry, as advertisers scramble to display on their sites and companies offer free products for reviews -- as controversial as the practice might be. Meanwhile massive conferences like Blissdom, Blissdom Canada and ShesConnected gather together women who blog (though not just mothers), often creating new bloggers in the process.

While the infographic below focuses on U.S. statistics, there are thousands of mom bloggers in Canada as well -- has a great list of their favourite 35 bloggers.

SEE: Mom bloggers' influence, from H&R Block:

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Source: H&R Block