05/10/2012 04:18 EDT | Updated 07/10/2012 05:12 EDT

Saskatchewan spends $23.5 million to improve rural roads, fix bridges, culverts

REGINA - The Saskatchewan government is using some cold, hard cash to take some of the bumps out of rural roads.

The province has announced $23.5 million to improve roads, bridges and culverts in 51 rural municipalities.

Much of the money will go toward ensuring roads can handle increasing truck traffic.

The province estimates the money will help repair 165 kilometres of roads.

David Marit of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities says the funding matches what the province spent last year.

Minister of Highways Jim Reiter (right-er) says these improvement projects are essential.

"Transportation is integral to our economy and rural municipal roads are an important part of the transportation system," he said.