05/11/2012 12:41 EDT | Updated 07/11/2012 05:12 EDT

Canadian mom held in babies' deaths in U.K.

A Canadian woman being held by police in South London in the death of her two children is being identified as Felicia Boots, 34, wife of former Bank of Montreal investment banker Jeffrey Boots.

Police in London and Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs wouldn't name her, but British media reports say her husband discovered the bodies of the children on Wednesday night. Neighbours heard him wailing outside the house shortly before an ambulance and police cars arrived on the scene.

London police said the victims were a 10-week-old boy and a 14-month-old girl, but would not speculate on their identities or cause of death. A police news release said a woman was being held on suspicion of murder, and a spokesman added that investigators are not seeking any other suspects.

The Daily Telegraph described the woman as a "wealthy investment banker's wife," saying she and her husband had just moved into a $1.9-million home in Wandsworth, South London, an area known to many in the city as "nappy valley" for the number of young families living there.

Neighbours said the couple, both originally from Canada, had moved into the five-bedroom house two weeks ago after the birth of their second child, and they seemed happy and excited about the future, the paper reported on its website.

On Friday, a neighbour was seen sobbing as she left flowers in front of the house, the Daily Mail reported at its website. Because the event occurred so soon after the birth of a child, there was speculation that post-natal depression might be a factor in the case.

'Why did no one spot it? It’s just so awful," the neighbour told the Daily Mail. "We all have children around here, and it’s hit us all. I can’t imagine what she must have been going through. Why didn’t she get help? My friend used to walk the dog with her and she’s in pieces. I can’t say any more, it’s too much."

Autopsies were scheduled for Friday morning. Police said they would release more details.

Felicia Boots was described in media reports as a jewelry designer and former hairstylist who was pursuing her craft there.

Jeffrey Boots left the Bank of Montreal last year, the Telegraph said, but his current occupation wasn't immediately clear. Until recently, the couple had rented a two-bedroom penthouse apartment in nearby Wandsworth Town for about $3,400 a month, the Telegraph reported. They completed their new family property just last month, weeks after the birth of their second child.