05/11/2012 05:09 EDT | Updated 06/07/2012 05:17 EDT

'Fashion Like': New Hangers Display Facebook 'Likes' For Clothing Items (PHOTOS)


Outside of shopping with a best friend or a trusted pal, how are we really supposed to know if we're making a smart clothing purchase? One company seems to have figured out how.

C&A, a clothing retailer from Europe, has created hangers which display the "approval" (aka: "likes") a particular clothing item has received on Facebook. The concept -- which is being rolled out in Brazil and is dubbed "Fashion Like" -- is simple: the clothing items available in the store are listed on the retailer's Facebook page. Whenever an item is "liked" on Facebook a digit is added to the front side of the hanger.

The invention, we have to say, adds a whole new dimension to savvily shopping for clothes. We have our favourite fashion apps and we do our best to avoid buying ridiculous clothing inventions. Still, we're not sure what we think of these hangers.

Would seeing an article of clothing with a high Facebook approval rating make you purchase the item?

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