05/12/2012 06:50 EDT | Updated 07/12/2012 05:12 EDT

Jenna Talackova: Transgendered Miss Universe Canada Contestant Prepares For Pageant


TORONTO - The Canadian transgendered Miss Universe contestant who sparked global media attention when she was disqualified from the pageant was all smiles at a Toronto photo shoot on Saturday.

A bubbly Jenna Talackova appeared to be enjoying herself as she posed for the cameras in a variety of outfits, including a white bikini.

The photo shoot was in advance of the Miss Universe Canada pageant in Toronto, which will culminate with the winner being crowned Saturday.

The tall, slim blond from Vancouver created an international splash when organizers disqualified because she isn't a naturally-born female.

But pageant owner Donald Trump overruled the decision and said Talackova could take part.

Talackova underwent sex-change surgery at age 19 and has said she knew from an early age that she was born the wrong gender.

She says she has a boyfriend and hopes to have two kids some day, but she didn't initially tell him she was born male.

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