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How To Grill Vegetables On The Barbecue (WATCH)

Fries don't need to be burgers' only accompaniment when you're rocking the barbecue this summer. Vegetables taste amazing when put on the barbecue with a little oil to pair up with any dish you might be serving.

While the chef in the video above uses eggplant, onions, zucchini and the like, even softer veggies like tomatoes can make their way onto the grill, though larger varieties like beefsteak tomatoes are recommended.

And the health benefits go beyond just getting some nutrients into your system. As the chef mentions, tossing the vegetables together ends up using less oil, and if you're opting for extra-virgin olive oil, that's even better for your body.

Going one step further, think about making your meal fully vegetarian -- either buying pre-made patties, or using a hearty source like portobello mushrooms for your main instead. It's true, it's hard to imagine a barbecue without juicy burgers, but helping your heart and reducing cancer risk are pretty good reasons to try.

Test out some of the tips offered up in this video, and let us know -- do you have any veggies you've found work particularly well on the grill?

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