05/15/2012 12:00 EDT | Updated 05/24/2012 04:24 EDT

Casting Call For Project Pet (CONTEST)


UPDATE: Entries to the Project Pet contest are now closed ... and it's time to vote! Until May 31st, give your favourite animal your votes in the slideshow below, then come back on June 4 to see the first featured pet in Canada! To vote, please scroll over the stars that appear to the right of each picture as you go through the slideshow (labelled "Not My Fave" and "OMG So Cute"). 1 is for a less favoured animal, while 5 stars are for a pet you adore.

Tell us -- how adorable is your pet? Better yet, don't tell us -- show us!

In honour of the re-launch of, HuffPost Canada Living is holding a contest to discover Canada's best pet -- and we want you to take part.

Submit a photo of your pet in the slideshow below from now until May 23 and let the rest of the country decide just how precious they really are. And when we say pet, we mean pet -- why should dogs and cats get all the attention? We'd love to see some slithery, feathered and finned friends among the fur this time around.

Even if you don't have a pet, who doesn't love looking at pictures of cute animals? Come back to the contest throughout its run -- voting continues until May 31st -- and then discover the winners starting June 4th -- we'll feature a new pet each week.

Once your photo is uploaded, make sure to share it with your network on Facebook and Twitter to snag their votes. And don't forget to visit for news and tips about pet health and products!

The most popular pet will win a prize, so enter today! Please see rules and regulations here.

**Please note: The rules specifically state that no logos or branding can be shown in the images. If your pet's picture has been removed from the slideshow, this is why -- but please feel free to submit another image without branding!

Check out our slideshow of adorable pets below: Click to enter

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