05/16/2012 10:46 EDT | Updated 09/06/2012 04:41 EDT

Does Kate Middleton Need More Protection From Cyberbullying? (PHOTOS)


Kate is on the cover of the new issue of British tabloid Now, and the article investigates the darker side of being a princess.

Kate is adored by most people around the world, but there are those who are mean-spirited about her and can take to social media to say ugly things about her.

Indeed, the Now article explains how she was "the victim of vicious internet bullies who branded her 'anorexic', 'ugly' and a 'gold-digger'."

"With the Internet and Twitter, Kate Middleton's facing far more abuse than even her late mother-in-law Princess Diana received," Robert Jobson, author of William and Kate: The Love Story, tells the magazine.

The article suggests William and the Royal Family are already using legal means to protect her from paparazzi (which they're obviously extra-sensitive to given what happened to Diana), but also Internet bullies.

And they will have to continue to monitor things closely so no damage is done to the princess.

The full article is in the new issue, out on newsstands in the UK now.

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