05/16/2012 07:06 EDT | Updated 07/16/2012 05:12 EDT

Legislative committee recommends lobbyist registry for Saskatchewan

REGINA - Saskatchewan is being told the province needs to set up a registry of people who lobby politicians on behalf of companies and groups.

A committee that reviewed lobbying legislation has tabled a report with 23 recommendations for Premier Brad Wall's government.

"I think in certain circumstances people may want to know who is talking to cabinet ministers in particular and about what and how much," committee member Lyle Stewart said Wednesday.

The report says groups such as the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association and the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities should have to register.

But it also says municipal governments and charities should be exempt.

"It was the view of the majority of committee members that people are not overly interested in the hours that are spent between cabinet ministers and charities," said Stewart.

"What the purpose of this is is to see that there's no conflicts of interests between particularly companies and cabinet ministers and so that people can see which companies in particular are lobbying and on what subjects and with which ministers.

The federal government and most other provinces already have lobbyist legislation.

Wall said in December that a registry is long overdue in Saskatchewan.