05/17/2012 09:17 EDT

Dog Weddings: Would You Spend $32,000 On A Pet's Nuptials?


We admit that wedding expenses quickly add up, but it's outrageous that some owners will spend thousands of dollars on their pets' nuptials.

Ann Clark, a registrar in the UK, charges a flat rate of $240 to marry two pets, but she says many owners go above and beyond for their beloved furry friends, hiring caterers, professional photographers and even chauffeured limos.

"One woman spent almost £20,000 [$32,000] on her dogs' wedding," Ann said and added that the extravagant pet nuptials included a harpist and a chocolate fountain!

Ann has been performing pet weddings for four years and has wed dogs, cats and even rabbits. "It's beautiful when you see animals that clearly adore each other being joined together," she said.

Although there's no legal bearing to these ceremonies, one of the "couples" that she married actually got divorced: "The owners called up a few months after the wedding to tell us the animals had grown apart," says Ann. "That's been our only divorce."

Sadly, one of Ann's brides was widowed after a car ran over a cat's husband.

Would you have a wedding for your pet(s)? And how much is too much when it comes to funding Fido's "I dos"??

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It's not quite the same as throwing a wedding for them, but many include pets in their weddings:

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