05/18/2012 03:38 EDT | Updated 05/18/2012 03:46 EDT

Ottawa Sex Exhibit: Dean Del Mastro Says Show Isn't Biology, People Can Go To Adult Video Store Instead (VIDEO)

A sex education exhibit at an Ottawa museum isn't science or biology according to Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro.

The parliamentary secretary to the prime minister made the comments on CBC's "Power and Politics" on Thursday.

Asked about Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition, currently on at the Science and Technology museum, Del Mastro said "It is definitely not science and technology."

“Clearly, it is science,” interjected CBC host Evan Solomon.

“It’s called biology Dean,” said Liberal MP and medical doctor Carolyn Bennett.

“No,” insisted Del Mastro. “It’s not called biology, it’s called many things but it is not biology Dr. Bennett,” he said.

Del Mastro went on to say that "People can go to their average adult video store if they want to see this type of thing."

Heritage Minister James Moore, Del Mastro's colleague, has been under fire for harshly criticizing the exhibit. After contacting the museum to voice his concerns, the age limit to see the exhibit without a parent was raised from 12 to 16 years of age.

Moore has insisted he did not specifically instruct the museum to make any changes. The museum operates as an arms-length Crown corporation and therefore does not take orders from the government.

Check out pictures from inside the exhibit in the slideshow below (WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES).

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