05/18/2012 04:30 EDT | Updated 07/17/2012 05:12 EDT

Prince Charles's long history of visits to Canada includes inaugural 1970 trip

"Every time I come to Canada, and I've been here many times since 1970, a little more of Canada seeps into my bloodstream. And from there, straight into my heart." - Prince Charles during 1996 tour.

Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, arrive in Fredericton on Sunday for a visit that also includes stops in Toronto and Regina. Here is a chronology of 15 previous visits to Canada by Charles.

July 1970: Charles makes his inaugural visit to Canada when he lands in Ottawa for a two-day solo visit. He is later joined by the Queen, Prince Phillip and Princess Anne for a 10-day tour.

April 1975: Charles's naval career brings him into Canadian waters for three weeks during a stint aboard HMS Hermes. He also takes time to spend three days in Ottawa and make a week-long visit to the Northwest Territories.

July 1976: Charles makes a brief stopover in Montreal to watch his sister, Princess Anne, compete in equestrian events in the Olympics.

July 1977: Charles makes a brief stop in Alberta to mark the centennial anniversary of a treaty signing that gave the British Crown control over the province's southern prairies.

April 1979: In one week, Charles has stops in Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories.

March and April 1980: Charles tours Ottawa and British Columbia over five days. The key stop comes when he visits Lester B. Pearson College in Victoria, one of 13 United World Colleges.

October 1982: Charles makes a two-day stop in British Columbia to revisit Pearson College.

June 1983: Charles brings his bride, Diana, to Canada for a two-week official tour.

October 1985: Charles and Diana make a brief stopover in Vancouver en route to Australia.

April and May 1986: Charles returns to Canada with Diana for a week-long visit that includes the couple opening Expo 86 in Vancouver.

October 1991: Charles and Diana spend six days touring Ontario, where they visit Sudbury, Toronto, Kingston and Ottawa. They're accompanied by their sons, William and Harry, who are on their first official foreign visit.

April 1996: Charles makes a solo, whirlwind tour of Ontario, Manitoba and New Brunswick over six days.

March 1998: Charles makes a one-day stopover in the Vancouver area, accompanied by William and Harry, before taking in some skiing at Whistler.

April 2001: Charles's five-day tour includes visits to Saskatchewan and the Yukon, the only parts of the country he had not up to that time visited.

November 2009: Charles makes his first official visit with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. The couple visited Newfoundland, Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. Anti-monarchy demonstrations mar the Quebec leg of the trip.

Source: Department of Canadian Heritage