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How To Relax At Your Desk: Calming Muscles On The Job

It's not hard to imagine a circumstance at work in which your shoulders bunch up around your ears, your jaw clenches and your whole upper body feels like one giant knot -- it probably happens at least twice a day.

For employees who work in front of computers, neck and shoulder pain has become a reality that's just part of the workload -- but Samantha Ibarguen thinks it doesn't have to be that way.

Ibarguen, a wellness consultant and energy healer, believes in the power of relaxation to de-stress, and there's plenty of science to back her up. Large studies have revealed that relaxation training can truly make an impact for anxiety disorders -- and it can be as simple as literally teaching your body how to do it.

In the video above, Ibarguen demonstrates a simple two-minute process to help release tension -- both mental and physical -- from the shoulders and neck, calming each tiny muscle as she goes. For office workers, this could prove an ideal break in the midst of a busy day, taking the day to breathe, concentrate and refocus your energy.

If you work in an open office, we'd suggest putting on headphones with white noise streaming in, to truly distance yourself from the everyday stress and glare of your computer screen. Will your co-workers laugh at you? Sure they will -- until they see how chilled out you are, and then start asking your secret.

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