05/24/2012 09:46 EDT | Updated 07/24/2012 05:12 EDT

FIFA aims to start anti-doping tests for football referees

BUDAPEST, Hungary - FIFA says referees could soon undergo testing for banned performance enhancing drugs.

FIFA's chief medical officer Jiri Dvorake says referees are part of the game and should be treated like players.

Dvorak tells FIFA's medical conference there is no indication of a doping problem among referees "but it's something we have to consider."

FIFA also was asked to advise the World Anti-Doping Agency on when players serving doping bans should be allowed to return to training with teammates.

Current WADA rules prevent suspended players working with their teams — effectively extending their ban if they are not match-ready immediately after completing a ban

WADA director general David Howman acknowledges that penalties can be harsher for team players than for individual athletes.