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Don Ray, Disgraced Mountie, Heading To B.C. -- And Premier Clark Isn't Happy About It

KELOWNA, B.C. - B.C. Premier Christy Clark says she's not happy with an RCMP decision to transfer a disgraced Alberta Mountie to the West Coast.

She said Friday she thinks RCMP Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens made the wrong decision in accepting the transfer of Sgt. Don Ray, who was reprimanded for having sex with subordinates, exposing himself to a co-worker and drinking on the job.

"I hope that they will find a way to do something about it because I just don't think it contributes to public confidence," said Clark.

"I think a lot of women are watching this and saying 'this isn't right.'"

Callens said Thursday the decision to accept the transfer wasn't an easy one, but somebody had to show some leadership on the issue.

"While others may have looked at the circumstances and simply decided that it was not their problem and to let someone else deal with it, that is not my way or how I lead, and it is not what I expect of my leaders,'' Callens told a news conference.

"I expect that when faced with a challenge, they will step up and not step back.''

Callens said Ray won't work provincially or be assigned in a municipal force, but will work in a federal area of responsibility under supervision.

He said if Ray reoffends in the way in which he did in Alberta, he will be immediately removed from duty, and will be suspended without pay and benefits. Callens said he would also seek the sergeant's dismissal from the force.

Callens also said the force is working on a 50-point action plan to increase accountability of members and ensure the force will be a respectful place to work.

The RCMP disciplinary board's report found Ray admitted to seven counts of disgraceful conduct on the job between 2006 and 2009.

They include stocking the office with rum and beer and offering drinks to subordinates, having sex with a civilian subordinate and exposing himself to a co-worker.

Ray said he had sex with a different co-worker in the headquarters' polygraph office after drinking beer and had sex inside a car in a parking lot with another employee after visiting a pub.

He also made inappropriate sexual comments to a woman subordinate, including remarks about her sex life with her husband.

The report noted the statements made to the board by the victims are troubling, revealing wounds that will take time and attention to heal.

It also said Ray's actions have discredited the RCMP, and that his actions have set a poor example.

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