05/28/2012 04:12 EDT | Updated 05/28/2012 04:13 EDT

Beauty Shortcuts: New Ways To Save Time On Your Morning Routine From The Doctors (VIDEO)

How much time do you spend getting ready in the morning? 30 minutes? An hour? Too much time for you to admit without feeling guilty?

Past studies have claimed that women spend anywhere from 19 to 76 minutes getting ready depending on the day, with Monday being the day we primp the longest. Other research suggests that the amount of time women spend correlates negatively to the amount of money they earn -- the more time they spend getting ready, the less money they make, according to a study by Elon University researchers.

However you look at it, we could all use a few extra minutes to ourselves in the morning. "The Doctors" to the rescue! The popular television show sent beauty expert Kim Douglas to a viewer's house for a 'morning beauty ritual intervention'. Douglas shares some unexpected tips to save time -- new tools, yogurt, and not washing your face every morning are among the surprises.

Check out the video above for Douglas' time-shaving tips -- and then share them with your men friends -- apparently they spend more time getting ready than women do these days.