05/29/2012 03:50 EDT | Updated 05/29/2012 08:49 EDT

Quebec Student Protests: 15 HuffPost Quebec Bloggers Weigh In

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Earlier this week, we asked HuffPost Quebec readers to explain the student movement to the rest of us -- the real deal on protests that have racked the province since plans to raise tuition fees were announced in March 2011.

Finance Minister Raymond Bachand's announcement became a flash-point for thousands of students, who balked at the $325 tuition raise.

Over the next five years, the total increase would amount to an extra $1,625. Even so, the total tuition would keep the province's rates among the lowest in the country. That's become a popular refrain among government officials, looking to define the protest as simply tuition outrage. In May, the Jean Charest government ushered in sweeping emergency measures -- the much-reviled Bill 78 -- to counter swelling street protests.

But, as HuffPost Quebec readers pointed out, the trouble in Quebec runs much deeper than a tuition hike.

Now, we turn to our HuffPost Quebec bloggers who have been grappling with this crucial question at a turning point in the province's history.

Here's what 15 top bloggers have to say:

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