06/02/2012 01:48 EDT | Updated 06/03/2012 12:48 EDT

From Sussex And I Know It: Small-Town New Brunswick Dairy Farm Parody Of LMFAO Hit Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Much like the Sh*t People Say trend, LMFAO's ultra-catchy 'Sexy and I Know It' has inspired many parodies. We've seen nerds, Santa and even Elmo take a stab at recreating the hit.

This parody, however, has a uniquely Canadian feel:

When I walk in the barn, this is what I see

Every Holstein stop and staring at me

I got manure on my boots and I ain't afraid to show it

'From Sussex and I Know It' replaces the palm trees, speedos and sand with cows, manure and tractors. And instead of wiggling pelvises we get the jiggle of milk-filled udders.

Sussex is a small town in New Brunswick, northeast of Saint John. It's known mostly for its dairy production and being the home of Maritime favourite Sussex Golden Ginger Ale, which makes a cameo in the video.

Created by a group of teens that call the town of 4,300 home, the video has already racked up over 100,000 views on YouTube in just a few days.

The ultimate goal of these farm boys? The pinnacle of viral video stardom: making it onto the Ellen show.

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