06/04/2012 01:42 EDT | Updated 08/04/2012 05:12 EDT

Anti-abortion caravan tours Kelowna

A Calgary-based group hoped to make a statement in Kelowna on Monday, as it drives an anti-abortion caravan around the Okanagan city.

"Two large cargo trucks with huge, full-colour images of aborted babies will be driving through the streets of Kelowna for the better part of the day," announced the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform in a statement on Monday.

The group will also deliver postcards bearing graphic messages to hundreds of homes and stage a demonstration downtown.

"We need the graphic imagery because some acts are so horrific that words fail us when we try to convey their true horror. And injustice that is invisible inevitably becomes tolerable," said executive director Stephanie Gray.

High-profile support

The caravan got a boost when it launched in Vancouver last week, with the outspoken support of Vancouver Canucks national anthem singer Mark Donnelly.

"If we can't discuss things rationally then we are not Canadians. We got to be able to talk," Donnelly said from the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery during the launch last week.

Donnelly, who has been singing for the Canucks for more than a decade, has nine children with his wife Catherine.

The caravan group is modelling its cross-Canada campaign after the country's first national feminist protest, the Abortion Caravan, which toured Canada in 1970.

The original Abortion Caravan carried women fighting for access to safe, legal abortions from Vancouver to Ottawa.

The Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform will follow the same path on its trip across the country, finishing on Parliament Hill on Canada Day.