06/04/2012 07:56 EDT | Updated 08/04/2012 05:12 EDT

Danielle Smith, Wildrose Leader, Gay Pride Week-Bound

EDMONTON - The Wildrose party says leader Danielle Smith will make an appearance at Gay Pride Week festivities in Edmonton.

Party spokesman Brock Harrison says there are still no details on which event Smith will attend.

Pride week in Edmonton runs from Friday though June 17.

Progressive Conservative Premier Alison Redford is scheduled to offer greetings in downtown Edmonton after the pride parade on Saturday.

Organizers say Redford is the first Alberta premier to be involved with pride week.

Smith's party struggled with accusations of homophobia in the recent Alberta election campaign.

While Smith herself said she was pro-gay marriage, an online blog surfaced from Edmonton candidate Allan Hunsperger claiming homosexuals would burn in a lake of fire if they didn't change their ways.

Smith defended Hunsperger's right to his religious beliefs, but Redford attacked and so did Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel.

Smith cited the incident as one of several missteps in the dying days of the campaign that led to the Tories being re-elected.

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