06/04/2012 09:33 EDT | Updated 08/04/2012 05:12 EDT

IOC to meet Pakistani sports officials over possible government interference issue

ISLAMABAD - Pakistani sports officials are meeting with International Olympic Committee in Geneva on Monday hoping to prevent a possible ban from the London Games.

The IOC is meeting with representatives of the Pakistan Olympic Association and the country's government-backed sports board to discuss the appointment of Arif Hasan, a retired army general who was elected as president of the Pakistan Olympic Association for the third time in February. That goes against a new government policy that imposes a two-term limit for such positions in national sports federations.

The IOC charter discourages any government interference in the affairs of a National Olympic Committee, and Hasan said before leaving for Geneva that he was unsure if Pakistan's membership would be suspended by the Olympic body.

"I can't comment on whether the IOC might suspend our right to take part in the London Olympics but yes it's a serious matter for them," Hasan said.

Pakistan's only realistic chance of winning a medal in London is in field hockey.

Hasan said the IOC was not happy with the situation, "but what they do I hope is in best interest of Pakistan sports."

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