06/04/2012 05:57 EDT | Updated 06/06/2012 10:24 EDT

Luka Rocco Magnotta Arrest: Travelling With Canada's Most Wanted?

A man fitting the description of Luka Rocco Magnotta was stressed and agitated during his flight from Montreal to Paris, according to a man who said he sat beside Canada's most wanted fugitive.

Magnotta was captured in Berlin Monday after a manhunt spanning several countries following the murder of Chinese student Jun Lin in Montreal.

In a blog posted on Monday, “MisterBitch” said he was travelling on an Air Transat flight on Saturday, May 26. He and his boyfriend had an empty seat beside them, which ended up being filled by a passenger matching the description of Magnotta. The man said he called police after seeing reports of Magnotta, whom he described as “androgynous” looking with a Mickey Mouse T-shirt.

During the flight to Paris, the man suspected to be Magnotta did not speak much and spent much of the trip sleeping, not touching an onboard meal, the blogger said.

At one point, the man the blogger identifies as Magnotta went to the washroom for more than 30 minutes. The writer asked the flight attendant about the missing passenger, and was told he was at the back of the plane, crying.

A few days later, after seeing images of Magnotta, the writer contacted authorities and met with officials and Interpol. He was shown a picture of Magnotta with a Mickey Mouse shirt. “That’s him,” he told investigators.

“It makes me shudder,” he wrote in his blog post in French, saying he’d spent six hours travelling beside Magnotta.

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