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Marvel Superhero Sneakers: Reebok Collaboration Includes Captain America, Spider-Man Shoes (PHOTOS)

This year is turning out to be one of the most Marvel-ous (sorry) in movie history. First, "The Avengers" set worldwide box-office records; next up is the big-budget "Amazing Spider-Man" reboot, which comes out on July 3rd; and, most importantly, Marvel just announced a collaboration with Reebok for some super superhero-themed retro sneakers. (Okay, so maybe the latter isn't quiteas impressive as $1 billion in ticket sales, but it's still pretty cool.)

The lineup of superhero shoes features footwear inspired by, and dedicated to, Captain America, Red Skull, Spider-Man, Venom, Wolverine, Sabretooth, Deadpool, and Chamber, on famous Reebok styles like the '90s Ventilator, Pump Omni HLS, and Pump Fury HLS.

Rhode Island-based artist Anthony Petrie, who had been working with Marvel for a few years to create Spider-Man-licensed shoes, helped bring the line to fruition, stating that he's excited to get some "adult sizes for us grown-up nerds (and nerd-ettes)!"

And that's not just a joke. Nerd-ettes should feast their eyes on the two pairs of shoes designed specifically with the chic geek in mind: The all-white Emma Frost / White Queen (played by January Jones in "X-Men: First Class") Freestyle Hi-Tops, and the all-black Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson in "Marvel's The Avengers") sneakers with gold velcro straps.

Each shoe in the Reebok x Marvel collection comes with a unique hang-tag and graphic insoles with original art.

But as impressive as this collection is, it notably omits the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man, among others. Shoes that change color when you're angry? Shoes that have their own power cores? Hopefully, that's all in the works.

You can see a few of the sneakers in the gallery below. To check out the entire collection, head over to Anthony Petrie's Tumblr.

Check out Marvel's "The Avengers" in theaters now, "The Amazing Spider-Man" on July 3rd, and the shoes in stores soon.

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