06/04/2012 09:27 EDT | Updated 08/04/2012 05:12 EDT

'Orvillecopter': Artist Bart Jansen Turns His Dead Cat Into A Helicopter (VIDEO)

Dutch artist Bart Jansen has made a high-flying tribute to his dead cat Orville.

Jansen partnered up with radio-controlled helicopter builder Arjen Beltman to build the 'Orvillecopter', a remote-controlled cat-helicopter hybrid.

Orville, who was named after flight pioneer Orville Wright, was killed by a car, reports the Daily Mail.

"After a period of mourning, he received his propellers posthumously," Jansen said to the New York Daily News.

Orvillecopter isn't quite the perfect flying machine, and its flight is often a bit erratic. But this hasn't discouraged Jansen and Beltman.

Jansen also told the Daily Mail that the high-flying tribute is one that he thinks Orville would've liked. "Oh how he loved birds. He will receive more powerful engines and larger props for his birthday. So this hopping will soon change into steady flight."

If you're in Amsterdam you can see Orvillecopter live at the Kunstrai art festival. Those of us not quite so lucky will just have to settle for the video.

The one below, in Dutch, gives you a closer look at the machine.