06/05/2012 05:44 EDT | Updated 06/06/2012 09:10 EDT

Tony Clement Hipster Tweets Paints Politician's Alternative Side


It he's not in the House of Commons or representing his constituents from his riding of Parry Sound - Muskoka, Canadians can always connect with Tony Clement on Twitter.

The President of the Treasury Board is arguably one of Parliament's most active users of social media and certainly no stranger to Twitter after he found himself in hot water over his comments to other users.

But in between the Tory MP's 140-character thoughts on what new laws Canadians can expect and where his next interview is taking place, are tweets that are less political and have more in common with a PBR-drinking, flannel-wearing, twenty-year-old.

To reaffirm these suspicions, the writers at Fake CBC, a joke account not affiliated with the real Canadian Broadcast Corporation, has compiled a list of Clement's most hipster tweets.

For the unfamiliar, the term 'hipster' refers to a subculture known for their love of independent musical artists, their taste in non-conformist fashion trends, and an overall appreciation for anything falling outside the realm of the main-stream. They've also got a lot in common with anything that falls into the following tweets.

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