06/07/2012 02:29 EDT | Updated 06/07/2012 04:29 EDT

Lazy Walrus vs. Lazy Polar Bear (VIDEO)

Update: Our friend @Russless reminded us of this great viral video of an adorably 'lazy' harp seal. Sorry Russ, we're disqualifying him because of musical accompaniment.

If you had a really big burrito at lunch today you might know how these animals feel.

The team at One World One Ocean, a non-profit that raises environmental awareness around the world's oceans, captured these great videos of two of the Arctic's lazier denizens.

The first shows a polar bear just chillin'. Hey, we know its hard being a polar bear these days. What with declining sea ice forcing you to roam further for a place to hunt seals.

But seriously, we're a little envious of this bear getting ready to take a nap in the dirt.

Equally lazy is this colony of walruses (walrii?) captured on film in Norway.

The walrus is one of the largest pinnipeds and can reach up to 3,500 lbs. We just wonder how many mollusks these guys would've had to eat to get into that kind of food coma. Sheesh. Tell us who's lazier below.