06/07/2012 08:17 EDT | Updated 08/07/2012 05:12 EDT

Mandela, Suzuki, Hawking join P.E.I. writer

Nelson Mandela, Jane Goodall, Stephen Hawking and David Suzuki have all signed on to contribute to a book of hope being put together by P.E.I. musician and writer Todd MacLean.

Global Chorus: a 365-Person Anthology of Worldwide Concern and Enduring Hope has so far gathered 85 contributors from five continents.

MacLean said it's the focus on hope that's drawing people to want to participate in the project.

"What I've been realizing with this is the power of an idea," he said.

"People aren't responding to Todd MacLean, they're responding to this grandiose question and to the idea itself of putting together a book featuring sort of a round table sort of group of responses from people from all over the world."

The book is a work in progress.

So far, MacLean has 85 submissions. He is still looking for a publisher for the book and for more suggestions for potential contributors.