06/07/2012 02:53 EDT | Updated 08/07/2012 05:12 EDT

No estimate of when ServiceOntario kiosks will return after 4 targeted by crooks

TORONTO - It's not known how long it will take to get ServiceOntario kiosks back in operation after they were targeted by crooks.

The Ontario government shut down all 72 of the self-serve machines that sell vehicle plate renewals after card-skimming devices were found on four kiosks in the Toronto area.

Government Services Minister Harinder Takhar (ta-KAR') says people tried to copy some of the information on debit and credit cards used in the kiosks by customers.

Takhar has no idea how many people's information may have been compromised or how long the data-skimming machines were in place.

All the kiosks are now being inspected to make sure only the four were affected.

The government says anyone who is worried their credit or debit card data was compromised should get in touch with their bank or police.

Licence plate renewals and changes to health card information normally done at kiosks can be done inside any ServiceOntario centre.