06/08/2012 09:16 EDT | Updated 08/08/2012 05:12 EDT

Edmonton company pursues defamation suit against New Democrat MP Pat Martin

OTTAWA - An abject apology from New Democrat MP Pat Martin wasn't enough to persuade an Edmonton company to drop a defamation suit against him.

Martin's lawyer says RackNine Inc. is going ahead with legal action over comments the Winnipeg MP made concerning the robocall affair.

In February, Martin accused CEO Matt Meier and the company of being behind the robocalls that saw voters misdirected to non-existent polling locations during the May 2011 federal election.

But Martin made a full-fledged retreat and apology in April, acknowledging that Meier and the Edmonton company had no involvement.

R. Justin Matthews, lawyer for Meier and RackNine, said in an email Friday that his clients were "repeatedly maliciously defamed ... and were damaged both personally and financially as a result."

He said an apology from was requested "and very publicly not offered" in a sufficiently timely manner.

Peter Jacobsen, who is representing both Pat Martin and the NDP, says each has filed a separate defence.

"It is not over. The plaintiff is continuing with the litigation in spite of the fact there has been an apology," he said.

The documents have been filed in an Edmonton court.