06/08/2012 12:12 EDT

Brain During Sex: What Happens In Our Heads During Pleasure (INFOGRAPHIC)


Sex just got a little nerdy.

We all know our brain is the power source behind most decisions in life, but it can also act as a "pleasure centre" to let us know what's enjoyable during sex and what's not.

An infographic by outlines what our noggin looks like before and after sex. It also pinpoints specific regions of our brains that react when we feel sexual desires or orgasms.

Last year, researchers at Rutgers University were able to visually show us what the big "O" actually looks like. The video's colour scale ranged from dark red to light yellow and represented the amount of oxygen utilized in different sections of our brains.

The graphic also has interesting facts on how men and women's brains are quite similar during sex and how our brains activate differently when we're thinking about money or food.

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