06/08/2012 06:44 EDT | Updated 08/08/2012 05:12 EDT

Real estate board says poll supports call to scrap Toronto's land transfer tax

TORONTO - Toronto's real-estate industry says a new poll shows overwhelming support for scrapping a land-transfer tax imposed by the city under a previous mayor.

Ekos Research collected responses from 9,459 Toronto residents in the city's 44 wards last month.

The poll found that a repeal of the tax was supported by at least half of the respondents in 36 of the city's 44 wards.

Ekos was commissioned by the Toronto Real Estate Board, which has long opposed the land transfer tax brought in under Mayor David Miller.

Current Toronto mayor Rob Ford has said he'd like to scrap the land transfer tax but he's having increasing difficulty getting city council to support his proposals.

The president of the Toronto Real Estate Board says the poll demonstrates there's wide voter support for a repeal of the tax and councillors should listen to that.