06/08/2012 10:37 EDT | Updated 08/08/2012 05:12 EDT

Sex Offender's Release Prompts Toronto Police Warning

Toronto Police Handout

Toronto police have taken the rare step of issuing a public warning that a convicted sex offender has been released from prison.

Hassan Steven Jarrar, 40, was released on Friday after serving a 15-year prison sentence for sexually assaulting and beating a woman in 1996. Police have also released his photo.

The victim, who was found near the Leslie Street Spit, had injuries so severe she needed to relearn how to eat, walk and talk.

Police say Jarrar didn't accept counselling or treatment behind bars.

Const. Tony Vella said he is classified as a high-risk offender, so the onus was on the police to release the photograph and warning.

"We will be monitoring him," Vella said. "There is a night curfew that he has to obey. He has to report to the Toronto Police Service once a week. We'll have constant communication with the man."

Jarrar must also contact police if he changes his address or leaves the Toronto area.

The John Howard Society was not supportive of the police action, saying publicity like this can hinder an ex-prisoner's re-entry into society.