06/11/2012 11:51 EDT | Updated 08/11/2012 05:12 EDT

Bear Cub In Sudbury Tied To Pole, Another Chased


A bear cub that is recovering after someone tied him to a telephone ground wire will be heading to a cub sanctuary in southern Ontario in hopes he'll be reintegrated back into the wild next year.

The cub, currently at The Wild At Heart Animal Refuge Centre, sustained minor injuries while he was tied to the ground wire in the parking lot of a Credit Union in the town of Garson, near Sudbury, on Saturday.

Police rescued and took the 6.8-kilogram animal to the refuge centre.

Gloria Morissette, animal-care manager at the centre, said the cub could not be brought back to its mother because they are too close to the community.

"He certainly won't be going back to [to the area], but the Ministry [of Natural Resources] will help us determine where the best areas are for release," Morissette said. "Hopefully he won't want anything more to do with people."

Meanwhile, Sudbury police are still looking for the man who tied up the cub.

According to witnesses, he was driving a red jeep and may have suffered a significant injury. Anyone with further information is asked to call police at 705-671-9171 or Crime Stoppers at 705-675-8477.

Children warned not to chase bears

Sudbury police are urging people to stay away from wild animals after this incident, and after another bear cub was reportedly chased.

On Sunday, Sudbury police received a complaint that as many as five children with hockey sticks were chasing a bear cub in New Sudbury.

It's the second report from Sudbury police since May involving children who chased and teased a bear.

Police are reminding people that bear cubs often have adult bears nearby. Parents have been urged to speak to their children and reinforce that it is dangerous to go near wild animals.

In the case of the bear cub that was tied down, police said that when a crowd gathered, the mother bear — who was nearby with another cub — became agitated.

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