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Luka Rocco Magnotta Case: Jun Lin's Family Writes Of 'Destructive Blow,' CTV Reports

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MONTREAL - The family of a Chinese student who was brutally murdered and dismembered in Montreal last month says his death was a "destructive blow" which left them physically and psychologically spent.

In a letter obtained and translated by CTV News, Jun Lin's family writes that his slaying left them at "a breaking point," but has also exposed them to the heartening goodwill of those who reached out to help.

Thirty-three-year-old Lin, described in the letter as his family's "pride and joy," was studying engineering and computer science at Concordia University.

His dismembered torso was found in a suitcase outside a Montreal apartment building last month. Police later recovered his hands and feet, which were mailed to the Conservative and Liberal party headquarters in Ottawa and to two schools in Vancouver in the days after his murder.

Luka Rocco Magnotta, a 29-year-old porn actor and male escort, was arrested in Germany last week after an international manhunt. He is awaiting extradition back to Canada to face first-degree murder charges in Lin's murder.

CTV reports that the family, who arrived in Montreal last week, expressed their "deepest gratitude" for the "strong support" provided by the Chinese and Canadian governments, Montreal police and Concordia University.

"This horrific tragedy has had a destructive blow to our family," the family wrote in the letter translated by the network.

"But it inspired a powerful outpouring of sympathy and charity in people, bringing together all the good people in society through which we saw real sincerity and goodness, allowing us to be deeply moved and gratified in our time of deep sorrow."

Concordia University has taken several steps to keep Lin's memory alive amid an outpouring of public support for his family.

A award will be named after Lin, along with a fund to help his relatives pay their expenses during their trip to Canada. Lin's father, mother, sister and uncle arrived in Montreal June 5 and plan to eventually take the body back to China to be buried.

CTV reports the letter describing Lin as a gentle, hard-working man who grew up believing in Buddhism.

"He is a child that was extremely kind-hearted and respectful to his parents. His consideration for his parents, his care for his sister still echo in our ears," the network reported in a translation of the family's letter.

"His friends say he was very optimistic, enterprising, that he liked to make friends, help others, and always looked on the bright side."

Lin's family is now calling for Magnotta's extradition "as soon as possible." (CTV News)

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