Summer Sun Safety: What Is Your Sun IQ? (QUIZ)

Sunscreen in the morning and reapplication every two hours: sounds simple right?

A recent survey by sunscreen makers Banana Boat, revealed that only 9 per cent of Canadian adults applied sunscreen every two hours while being outdoors.

“The standard among Canadian dermatologists, as well as the American Cancer Society, is to recommend that people apply one ounce of sunscreen -- the size of a golf ball -- every two hours while outdoors, and even more often if they’ve been swimming or sweating,” says dermatologist Dr. Julia Carroll in a press release.

The experts at Banana Boat have come up with a custom quiz that will help you figure out your sun IQ. Should you wear sunscreen in the rain? Skip it if you have darker skin? Take the quiz and find out.

Sunscreen Quiz: True Or False