Michael Jamison And Jackie Smith's Tiger: Couple Lives With Giant Cat As House Pet (VIDEO)

Michael Jamison and Jackie Smit have a rather unconventional pet.

The Brakpan, South African couple have a Bengal tiger, Enzo, who weighs about 150 to 170 kilograms.

Enzo is a year old, and he really likes to play -- which can get quite dangerous.

"Even if he doesn't bite down when playing, he can just scratch you with his teeth and you will bleed," says Michael. "That is one thing I've made peace with. Every time I play with him, I'm prepared to bleed a little bit."

Enzo, which the couple got as a 9-week-old cub, lives as a normal pet -- he can be on the bed, the sofa, the counter, wherever.

Oh, and he consumes 11 pounds of meat a day.

Watch for yourself...

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